Statement by FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment:

“Fiercely competitive and universally established, chess has enchanted athletes and enthusiasts for centuries, regardless of their age, social status, gender, or faith. Chess appeals to the intellect, and it helps us to focus on the things we have in common with other people, rather than the superficial differences between us.

It is part of FIDE’s core mission to endorse this cherished diversity across all levels of engagement, from early learning to world-class players. FIDE’s renewed policies are rooted in our firm commitment to women empowerment and gender equity. We believe that sport equate fairness, and equality of opportunity requires the recognition and understanding of social context.

It is also our responsibility to address and dismantle any barriers that girls or women face at engaging in this sport. FIDE can only fulfill its global mission if we can inspire young girls and pave their way to immerse in the game, foster their talent and provide every opportunity for them to compete at the very top level.

With the aim to increase women’s participation in the professional game, FIDE maintains a female track in all professional series and an open track for all athletes. It is one of our goals to establish specific corporate partnerships to help female athletes reach their full potential and be rewarded accordingly. Finally, FIDE aims to increase women’s participation in executive roles within our organization, as well as to promote female leaders as our international partners and ambassadors of the game.”

Arkady Dvorkovich
Geneva, June 10th, 2019