Judit Polgar. Photo: Maria Emelianova / Chess.com.

We would like to share with you some quotes from the interview of legendary Judit Polgar. The full interview could be found at its original source on www.chess.com on the following link https://www.chess.com/article/view/judit-polgar-interview-chess. Enjoy reading!

Judit Polgar: “…What my father is trying to say is that you have to focus a lot on the work and not just rely on your talent. He believes that every healthy child is a talented one and I completely agree. Children have enormous potential, and most of the time, pre-schools and school systems don’t allow them to be creative, and excel in whichever field they’d be most talented…”

“…I always felt I had to prove my ability many more times than a boy would have. But later on, when I broke the top 30, it was a clear advantage for me. I was the only girl, so most of the organizers were happy to invite me because my rating was high enough, and having a woman competing made it more interesting to the media”.

“Of course, when I had a family priorities did change, and that does make a difference in professional sport. I believe I could still be fighting and competing at a high level today, but the real reason I retired was because I began to do many other things, from organizing tournaments to interior design, and that’s already too much when you’re a professional athlete”.

“After all, chess is a mind sport and I believe there shouldn’t be such a big gap between the men and the women”.

“…negative experiences are actually necessary in order to look for new opportunities, be creative, and renew yourself. If you’re clever, they can push you forward”.