Fabulous online event Female Battle of Federations

According to the organiser and the brainchild of the event, Lilli Hahn: “Whereas we manage to get many good players and some beautiful chess, the main idea of the event is always to make it open to everyone: from young chess girls, to mums, casual players, tournament enthusiasts.
In the end, its quite a special occasion for many players to represent their country in an international tournament and to play side by side by their national players. “

The first round will take place on 28.05.2020, 19.30 (CEST)
Two groups: Group A: https://lichess.org/tournament/Qi4jAJGc
Group B: https://lichess.org/tournament/5YQD6ZxI

The second round will take place on 04.06.2020, 19.30 (CEST)

Some streaming happening as well during the event, but all the details about this can be found in the tournament description on Lichess.

Don’t miss such an event !!