Astrid Barbier, a chess player from Belgium, currently studying the master ‘Gender and Diversity” and doing her thesis about chess and gender. Therefore she has set up a survey, which takes about 20 minutes to fill in. The survey is available in English, Spanish, French and Dutch. 

The thesis opted to get a better picture of the profiles and motives of female chess players. Astrid’s supervisor is a professor in sociology with a focus on gender studies in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics). Survey is based on research from the STEM-field and already existing chess research. It tries to answer two main questions: ‘‘What profile does a chess player have?’ and ‘What image does a chess player have about chess players and about gender roles?’.

The more chess players fill in the survey, the better the questions can be answered and the more the thesis has statistical and scientific relevance.

Let’s fill in survey as well as spread it internationally. Link to the survey