The meeting on ZOOM platform was attended by Vice President of FIDE America GM Darcy Lima, USA Delegate Michael Kodarkovsky, WOM President WGM Eva Repkova, WGM Secretary Ilaha Kadimova and members of WOM WGM Sarai Shanchez and Carol B. Mayer of US. The discussion was on developing the projectz to improve women’s chess in the Americas. The recent works of FIDE America with the technical online courses (Arbitration, organizers, coaches etc …) carried out by FIDE America in 2019 were presented, such as the course for elite players in America given by WGM Karina Amburtsova and for talent from America given by GM Diamant held in Rio de Janeiro in December 2019.The WOM President WGM Eva Repkova asked to create a WOM of the Americas commission whose idea was already being discussed by senior CCA officials. Deputy President of CCA-FIDE America GM Darcy Lima promised to create at the next meeting of the CCA executive Bureau and also had the idea of ​​changing in 2022 so that this commission (WOM) is elected instead of being nominated in order to have more weight and voice in defending their interests in America. President Eva really liked the possibility.Eva also proposed to create another technical course including one on sport psychology and physiology for female players to develop this important part of the athlete’s development what was promptly accepted by GM Darcy Lima. The chairwoman and members WOM listened to the part of FIDE America’s 2020 plan and already approved by FIDE with regard to the development of women’s chess and was happy that a part of the plan was reserved for the segment that she represents.