Asian Chess Federation in cooperation with WOM and supported by FIDE Development Fund organized the participation of women in FIDE Trainer Online Seminar (Russian) on 26-28 June 2020

5 women from Russian speaking federations of Asian Chess Federation participated in FIDE Trainer Online Seminar led by such experienced trainers as GMs Artur Jussupow, Victor Bologan and Alexandr Motylev.

Please see the table below with the names and results.

No.FIDE IDNameFedTitle/Licence Proposed
114001888Ovezdurdiyeva JemalTKMNational Instructor
213800043Alymbai kyzy, AizhanKGZNational Instructor
314200023Artikova MuyassarUZBNational Instructor
4109097Esanboeva GulrukhsorUZBNational Instructor
513716140Yekaterina MetelenoKAZDevelopmental Instructor