First of all, on behalf of WOM I would like to express my sincere gratitude to FIDE and Asian Chess Federation for providing their full support. It takes huge efforts to organise such an amazing camp focused on young girls U-20 from 30 Asian federations and for that special thanks go to Mr. Hisham Al-Taher, General Secretary of ACF and the Chief Organiser of the camp and Mr. Sami Khader, Project Director. In total, 66 talented girls, among which World champions in different categories and already top players, could get the training grounds for a variety of ideas, technics, patterns – from how to build up an opening repertoire to the basic and complicated rook endings. 

I could personally witness the multi-faceted approach to chess mastering of such renown trainers as A.Jussupow, V.Bologan, L.Psakhis, Aagaard and definitely two stars of the camp V. Anand and J. Polgar. 

I was amazed how Judit had a real gift for connecting with young girls. Her inspirational speech could drag me back to the professional chess I left more than 2 decades ago ).  

I am quite certain Asian young generation could gain a valuable experience and it will help them to become a more skillful athlete and uncover their potential.

I hope we will be able to organise such camps on a regular basis and follow up on the participants performance. At the same time, I would urge other Continents to organise such an event to empower our young generation. 

Ilaha Kadimova, WOM Secretary/ WGM, IA

Topics covered:

  • Isolated Pawn (PSAKHIS)
  • Building up an Opening Repertoire (BOLOGAN)
  • Rook Endings (JUSSUPOW)
  • Calculation of variations (JUSSUPOW)
  •  Defense (PSAKHIS)
  • Positional Play (AAGAARD)
  • Attacking Principles (AAGAARD)
  • Learn from World Champions (ANAND)
  • Hanging Pawns (PSAKHIS)
  • Central Pawns (PSAKHIS)
  • Excelling Chess with Judit Polgar (Polgar)
  • Learn from World Champions (ANAND)