Venezuelan chess celebrated International Women’s Day with a Grand Simultaneous Chess Exhibition

In order to continue promoting women’s chess and highlight its value within society, within the framework of International Women’s Day, this Sunday a Grand Simultaneous Chess Exhibition was held in Plaza Diego Ibarra in Caracas, capital of Venezuela.

The president of the Venezuelan Chess Federation (FVA), IM Johann Álvarez Márquez, highlighted the institution’s commitment to this sport, “those who join us today are going to participate against the national team in different categories in the women’s branch. In each play we can see a permanent struggle between the desire to succeed, the determination, and strength that women demonstrate, they are always at the forefront in every battle,” he said.

The event had the participation of more than 100 girls, young people and adults from various states of Venezuela, it was organized by the Venezuelan Chess Federation (FVA), the Ministry of Popular Power for Women and Gender Equality, the Great Mission Venezuela Womens and the Great Young Venezuela Mission (social missions created by the president of the country, Nicolás Maduro Moros).

Minister Dheliz Álvarez recognized the national talent of women in this discipline. “Our girls and young people demonstrated their skills in this interesting discipline that is so important for the cognitive and comprehensive development of our women,” highlighted the minister, while calling to replicate these activities in other areas, especially in the most popular neighbourhoods of the nation.

The event was also a stage to recognize the work of great women who have highlighted women’s chess such as the teacher and writer, WFM Edelmira La Rosa and the International Women’s Grandmaster Sarai Sánchez.

Also attending were the president of the Venezuelan Olympic Committee, María Soto, the first woman to lead this institution, national chess masters, and champions of various categories.