3rd international “Health Social Handicap, CSR” Conference held in Paris

3rd international “Health Social Handicap, CSR” Conférence, organized by French Chess Federation, took place on December 07, 2023, in Paris, France. Dedicated to the current and new social chess projects, the conference brought together 64 partners and experts  who are implementing chess-related projects to promote equity, inclusivity and tolerance within the society.

International social responsibility projects «Chess4peace»,  «Chess4all» and «Infinite project» were presented by the Chairperson of the FIDE Commission for Women’s Chess Anastasia Sorokina (Australia) and special needs educational assistant Ala Mischanka (Canada). They shared the results of the initiatives and discussed implementation of the project in new regions, countries and institutions. The discussion was joined by GM Laurent Fressinet, ambassador of the Infinite Autism program in France.

Franck Droin, President of the FFE’s “Health Social Disability, RSE” Commission and organizer of the event, underlined the quality and importance of the information provided by FIDE on autism during Ala Mischanka’s presentation. In addition, Chess4peace and Chess4all projects turned to be inspiring for the Commission members, who already plan to implement them in France and other countries of Europe.

Eloi Relange, the President of French Chess Federation, congratulated Anastasia Sorokina and Ala Mischanka for their essential contribution during this conference and confirmed the intentions of the the Federation to rely on this expertise in the development of the projects.