Queen Trap is an unreleased chess song by artist Juga, with soulful lyrics promoting female empowerment and sorority.

In September, during the 45th FIDE Chess Olympiad in Budapest, it will be produced to become a music short film created by Juga, in co-production with FIDE Commission for Women´s Chess.

This artistic project aims to bring visibility to women chess worldwide, by bringing together the best women chess players from 160 countries, as well as women working in chess: organizers, streamers, photographers, arbiters…

The filming will take place in a Budapest landmark, the Hungarian Fine Arts Museum, during the free day of the Olympiad, on September 17th.

Queen Trap will be a music short film portraying chess women as never before.

We are already counting with the participation of chess champions Judit Polgar, Alexandra Kosteniuk, Elizabeth Paehtz, Bibisara Assaubayeva, Tania Sachdev and many more!

Our goal is to unite all chess ladies, to make this artistic performance chess dream come true!

All women participants will be asked to dress in their own style, either completely in white or completely in black (shoes and socks included).

Players will be filmed while playing many friendly blitz games 3+0 or 5+0 with a similarly ranked player, on a chessboard placed on a low table, sitting on comfortable cushions on the floor.

Chess Boards, tables, clocks and cushions will be provided.

Transport will be provided from hotels to and from film location.

A light snack will be provided.

All participants will be requested to stay at the film location for 3 hours on September 17th.

Schedule and more production details will be informed soon.

If you are not comfortable playing blitz games, and would prefer playing rapid or a classical game, you can inform us in the submission form.

If you are not a player, you have the choice of discussing with a few other players a game already set on a Chessboard. Please inform us on the registration form.

Please keep in mind:

  • the result of the games is not important, there will be no audience or register, only the filming crew, and only a few positions of a few games will be recognizable in the film.
  • We just want to portray the beauty of playing and enjoying chess, and the uniqueness of each chess lady!
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