“Chess4All&All4Chess” Captivate Enthusiasts at Al-Ain Festival

The FIDE Commission for Women’s Chess (WOM) and FIDE Athletes’ Commission (ATH) collaborated with the Adly Chess Academy to present the “Chess4All&All4Chess – FIDE Little Stars, Egypt Events” during the Al-Ain Overseas International Chess Festival in Egypt (27/11 – 3/12/2023). This two-day extravaganza showcased a series of engaging activities designed to foster a love for chess and provide valuable insights into the world of competitive chess.

The event kicked off on December 1st with an inspiration meeting titled “How to Grow a Champion”. WGM Tatiana Dornbusch took center stage, addressing parents of young female chess players. The session provided a unique opportunity for parents to gain insights into the nurturing of young chess talents, offering a glimpse into the journey of cultivating a champion in the world of chess.

Parents, chess enthusiasts, and the chess community at large were captivated by WGM Tatiana Dornbusch’s wealth of knowledge and experience. The interactive session allowed for a meaningful exchange of ideas and strategies, providing a solid foundation for parents eager to support their budding chess prodigies.

The chess festivities continued on December 2nd with a Master Class & Simul conducted by WGM Tatiana Dornbusch. Chess enthusiasts had the unique opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional, gaining valuable insights into the intricacies of the game.

Following the Master Class, the excitement escalated with the Blitz Tournament for Girls U12. The tournament brought together young female chess players from various backgrounds, providing a platform for friendly competition and the showcasing of burgeoning talent. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm and sportsmanship, as young minds battled it out on the chessboard.