Dijana Dengler: Bringing chess to schools

Overseas Family School is one of the largest international schools in Singapore. Playing chess is a compulsory element of its Elementary School curriculum and is part of the overall Intellectual Development Program. The school has a large dedicated chess room, fully equipped with demonstration boards, chess sets and chess clocks for student use. Students receive professional tuition from experienced chess coaches.

The school hosts chess competitions against other schools in Singapore and take part in the National School Chess Championship. Last weekend it host chess inter-school tournament with 1300 pupils participating!

One of the chess enthusiasts who made this possible is Dijana Dengler, an expert in educational chess, with many years of experience playing chess at the top level. She has taught chess in Germany for the past 10 years and was the co-founder and head coach of the Munich Chess Academy and Chess Foundation. Ms Dengler has also developed a Chess curriculum for children with autism, cancer and special needs. Apart from playing and teaching, she has also organised tournaments, from scholastic to top level, and events for children with special needs and for refugees. From January 2019, Ms Dengler is a member of FIDE Chess in Education