Introducing commentators for the upcoming Queens Chess Festival

The Queens’ Festival 2024 is getting to its final stage this weekend. The last stage of the competition will be played on March 30 to determine the ultimate winners. The finals of both the Queens’ Women Open Tournament and the Unrated Princesses’ tournaments will be streamed live on the FIDE Youtube channel with our esteemed commentators.

Meet Ediz Gurel, the world’s newest Grandmaster with a current elo of 2560. Born in 2008, Ediz is a rising star in the chess world, capturing the hearts of fans with his exceptional talent. Last year he was the youngest participant in the World Cup and he had a successful debut, getting to the second round after a brilliant first round win.
He recently achieved his final GM norm in the Prague International Chess Festival 2024, making him the world’s newest grandmaster.

We are also glad to have Anna Kantane, a Woman International Master with a peak elo of 2333, join us as a chess commentator. Anna has a decorated career in both playing and commentary, with multiple World and European Championships medals under her belt. Her expertise in the chess world has led her to commentary roles in prestigious events such as the European blitz&rapid Chess Championships, World Junior Championships in blitz&rapid or Mikhail Tal Memorial. Additionally, Anna has served as a Press Officer at top FIDE women events, like the last World Women’s Championship Match in China.