The Commission for Women’s Chess is truly grateful to the FIDE President Mr. Arkady Dvorkovich, the FIDE Council and the Management, for their decision to have declared 2022 the Year of the Woman in Chess. This is our chance to take a leap forward in our mission of forming gender equity policies, practices and programs. In recent years, we have achieved a number of long-lasting strategic goals. From encouraging women to actively participate in all aspects of chess life by offering them free educational seminars, to implementing gender quotas for various official positions and assignments.

While our colleagues have worked tirelessly to provide better conditions for top female players and to greatly increase the prize funds, our commission has focused on connecting, inspiring and educating female players of all backgrounds from around the world. Last year we organised The Queens’ Festival 2021, a series of continental and global tournaments with over 460 participants from 82 countries. Many thousands more followed the side events featuring female role model guests and presenters on FIDE social media.

Creating a strong women chess community is very important for us to continue pursuing our goals and representing the interests of women in chess.

To follow in this spirit, throughout this Year of Woman in Chess, we are planning the following events and collaborations to make this an epic year for women:

1. To establish a yearly award for women in various categories.

2. To increase communication with national federations on the importance of nominating an “Ambassador for Women” in their country, and encouraging them to organize support programs for women and girls.

3. To organize “Global Exchange Forums” to share ideas that will improve the environment for women in chess.

4. To create the “Queens Pavilion” during the Chess Olympiad 2022 in Moscow.

5. To strengthen the collaboration with other FIDE commissions to support women’s participation in all aspects of chess life, even more intensely for this special year.

6. The “Queens Festival” was very successfully organised for the first time in 2021. The plan for 2022 is to expand it with various exciting side events and more countries participating.

7. Inspirational female role models will be featured weekly through the different FIDE channels: social media, a relaunched newsletter, and a newly created podcast.

There are also other plans for the Year of the Woman in Chess which we will announce throughout the year on FIDE media: you can subscribe to receive the news directly in your email.

We would also like to hear and promote your initiatives and ideas. Please, email us your stories, suggestions and pictures to, and share your initiatives online using the hashtag #womeninchess.

With your help and support, we can make this an outstanding and game-changer year!