Norway Chess – bringing gender equality to chess

Every year, the chess elite meets in Stavanger to participate in one of world’s most prestigious chess tournaments Norway Chess.

For the first time in the history of the Norway Chess, organizers introduce the inaugural Norway Chess Women’s Tournament 2024 with an identical number of players and equal prize fund for men and women.

FIDE WOM is honored to duly appreciate Co-Owner, General Manager at Norway Chess and WOM member Benedicte Westre Skog. Norway Chess has always been an outstanding example of gender equality, same as professional organization and friendly atmosphere for all members of the event. Through out the history of the tournament arbiters team was always represented by women mainly, when Chief Arbiter has always been a woman.

This year WOM Chair Anastasia Sorokina had the honor to participate in historical edition of the event as Chief Arbiter as well as being an invited speaker at the Chess camp program organized by the Norway Chess Federation. 40 ladies participated in the training sessions and inspirational talks by Anastasia Sorokina, Pia Cramling and Jennifer Shahade.