The Queen’s Gambit Challenge: Chess Course for Caribbean Girls

The Queen’s Gambit Challenge Caribbean Edition is a free chess crash course for English-speaking Caribbean females 8 years and older, who are interested in learning how to play chess. It is aimed to provide knowledge on how to play the game and how to compete in a chess tournament. 1-hour lessons will be held on Saturdays and Sundays over the span of 10 weeks (19 hours in total). The course starts from April 01, 2023 and will culminate in an online chess tournament on June 04, 2023 with prizes for the top 3 placements in each category, best attendance and most lessons completed.

The initiative will feature a lot of outstanding chess players, trainers and arbiters from Latin America. Most of them are women. Lessons will be conducted by Fide Instructor and International Arbiter Carlos Barrios (Costa Rica), WIM Carolina Muñoz Solís (Costa Rica), WIM Gabriella Johnson (Trinidad and Tobago), founder of “Universal Chess” academy Karina Bogantes (Costa Rica), FIDE Trainer and International Organizer WGM Martha Fierro (Ecuador), Fide Trainer and National Arbiter IM Jomo Pitterson (Jamaica), and WIM Deborah Richards-Porter (Jamaica).

International Arbiter, Qualification Commission´s Chairperson, and FIDE Arbiters Lecturer Sabrina de San Vicente (Uruguay) will be a Chief Arbiter of the online chess tournament.

The project is lead by Tris-Ann Richards, President of St Lucia Chess Federation.

Please note you must be a beginner and from the Caribbean to participate. You may register through your federation in the region or using the Google form. Registration deadline: March 27, 2023. Don’t miss the opportunity to take on the Queen’s Gambit Challenge!