Workshop: Increase your inner strength

WGM Jana Krivec is a Doctor of Psychology and a university professor, apart from a seven-time winner of the Slovenian Women’s Championship. 

Last year she authored a book titled “Improve Your Life By Playing A Game“, an exciting journey through a wide range of psychology topics explained from the perspective of a tournament chess player. You can learn more about this book and Jana’s experience by listening to the first episode of the FIDE podcast, in which Jana was our inaugural guest. 

As part of the initiatives that the FIDE Commission for Women’s Chess has prepared for the Year of the Woman in Chess, Jana Krivec will offer a series of monthly workshops under the title “Increase your inner strength”, between February and November 2022. Their aim is to increase awareness of the power of the mind, help you to get to know yourself better, understand your inner world and learn some useful mental techniques to increase your inner strength. 

The first of them is scheduled for Sunday, February 27, at 15:00 CET

If you are interested, please fill out this form

To be led by women, these workshops are part of the Queens’ Festival, also under the umbrella of the Year of the Woman in Chess.